Features & Specifications

Basic Features
Comes with congregation (iqama) time of prayers of the day along with starting or azan time. It highlights the time of next prayer and notify before every prayer.

This application is completely configurable. You can change the name of the mosque, or the template or the languages (mono or bilingual) anytime. Moreover, you can change the congregation time based on our predefined algorithm, or you can upload your own time.

Supports bilingual. It comes with Arabic and English languages. You can choose language spoken in your locale.

Comes with 12 hour & 24 hour clock formats with seconds.

Put on view Gregorian and Lunar Calendar dates.

Display notification, alerts or reminders of the prayer's starting/azan/congregation time.

Comes with 15 templates out of the box.

Congregation Time
You can auto generate congregation time based on our pre-defined algorithm. You can customize the algorithm and generate the congregation time. You can upload your own time in case our algorithm does not work for you.

Comes with the two Jummah option. If your mosque has two Jummahs, all that you need is to just add in the second Jummah time, then application will take care of the rest.

Mosque URL
Generates a URL for your mosque time which can be visited from home or work.

Offline Mode
In case you don't have an access to the internet, you can still use this application. You just need to open it one time on your device when you are connected to the internet.

Virtual Mosque
In case you don't have any device in your mosque, you can still register your mosque and configure your time. Then you can print out your mosque congregation time for the whole year and display at your mosque. Those who want to check the time of your mosque can still check it online using the URL generated for your mosque.

Supported Platforms
Supports all major devices in the market which has internet browser, such as: Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones, Smart TVs, Internet TV Boxes, Mini PCs etc.